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Short Stories

The short story The Collector  is available on Amazon.  Thanks to your overwhelming support and encouragement, the short story is currently being expanded and will be released as a full length novel!  If you ever wondered what happened to Junie Rae and Granny Enid, your questions will be answered soon.

“The Collector” has also been featured in Deep South Magazine, as well as in the anthology Writers’ Anarchy IV.

“Counting Crows,” another Southern Gothic short story, is available on Amazon.

My short story, “A Call for Courage” appeared at Page and Spine in February 2014.

My short story, “A Sort of Homecoming” is featured in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Vol. IV.

My short story, “About a Boy” is featured at Postcard Poems & Prose.


My essay, “Obsessive Tragedy-Following” appeared on the website Cordelia Calls it Quits.


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