Soon Enough (and all too soon)

Winter is holding on longer than I’d like. I am ready for my feet to be warm, for fresh vegetables, and for the smell of earth as I tend the garden.  I am ready for warm rains, and the smell of sweet grass, and warm sidewalks underfoot.  I want to throw open the windows and hear the birds chirping as I tap out words on the keyboard.

The chickens have been laying an egg or two most days, with the occasional Three Egg Day. Nothing like the consistent four eggs per day that we go last summer, but I am grateful nonetheless; they deserve the break.

The days are getting longer, bit by bit. When I leave work for my commute home, there is still a bit of sunlight left to guide my way.  By the time I arrive home it is dark, but I’m happy for that bit of light.  Soon enough the sun will burn hot and long and I’ll collapse into bed before the moon climbs in the sky.

Soon enough I’ll foreswear casseroles and comfort foods in favor of salads and grilled fare that won’t “heat up the house” in the making. Soon enough I’ll pull out the kids’ summer clothes from the attic and wonder how they could have grown so much without my noticing.  Where had the time gone?  I’ll want those moments back–those nights wasted bickering over chores and messy rooms and late homework.  Trailing a finger along the worn seam of a too-short pair of pants, I’ll want to reclaim that time…to take back those three inches of growth and re-live it, to notice it this time, to savor it.

Soon enough comes all too soon.

Tonight, I’ll build a fire in the fireplace. Maybe we’ll make hot cocoa and play a game.  They’ll talk, and bicker, and complain.  And I will listen and try to store it all away…because you never know when The Last Fire of the Season happens.  You don’t know when they will suddenly be Too Old for Family Game Night.  Or Too Embarrassed to be Hugged in Front of Friends.  These moments–these precious, fleeting moments–aren’t marked with fanfare.  They aren’t honored in their time…only in retrospect.

Soon enough comes all too soon.


4 thoughts on “Soon Enough (and all too soon)

    • I’m sorry sorry for your loss. But you are entirely right. It could be any of our loved ones. I spent last week at the hospital with my husband. He had more heart complications. He is home now, but those things DO remind you not to take things for granted!

      May this year be full of sweet moments that linger. 💕

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