Still Haven’t Found What You’re Searchin’ For… (a year of internet searches in review)

It always fascinates me to find out how people found my blog.  Here are some of the search terms that brought them to my page (and my snarky comments, when warranted).

A Sampling of Search Terms from 2014

loom bends  (I don’t think I have those here)

write a short story entitled never take things for granted (…but apparently take for granted that you can find one on the internet that someone else wrote and pass it off as your own)

bliadhna mhath ur (Tapadh leibh!)

peddling on my own (I wonder what a group of peddlers is called…?)

cuidich mi a dhia (A good all-purpose prayer.)

james alexander malcolm mackenzie fraser  (Enough said.)

nothing like a sudden health scare to help you prioritise  (True, my friend.)

what word means writing a story about myself  (Um, memoir? autobiography? narcissist?)

short story of a man who has plan for god  (Man plans, God laughs.)

mean behind the words ” it should be fine”  (Everything is about to go to shit.)

did peddlers have families (I am not aware of any peddlers conceived via immaculate conception, so I would guess they at least had parents)

its 55 degrees but only sweater weather?  (Not sure what you’re asking…go put on a sweater and try again.)

sam heughan  (Seems like a lovely fellow. Next!)

read free books!!! word press  (Yes! Do it! )

writer’s guilt  (So many writers…so much guilt.)

sam heughan jamie fraser (Do I really talk about Outlander that much?)

images hot tub with red light  (Hey, hey.  None of that here.)

quiet grace  (Not much of that either.)

worst 2014 year hope my 2015 year comes out good for me and my family poems (I hope your 2015 comes out good, too. Slàinte mhòr agus a h-uile beannachd duibh. )

coddling wine  (Wine.  Really?  Wine brought you here?  Whisky – sure, but wine?)

sexy pen names  (Why thank you, but it’s all natural.  Really.)

Whew.  So there is a recap of the top search results which led readers to my blog in 2014.  I think I am going to go sit in my hot tub with a bottle of Laphroaig and read some Outlander now.


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