Where There is Need…

The first dream of the New Year or hatsuyume (初夢) is traditionally considered an omen of how the coming year will welcome you.

My first dream of 2015 was of me walking the perimeter of my yard and finding trees laden with fruit.  The branches hung over the walls and draped low to the ground making it easy to gather the offerings.  There was a rock wall around the yard but the trees and bushes, rich with fruits, nearly obscured the wall from view.  I did not feel imprisoned by the enclosed, but rather safe and in a place of refuge.  I picked armfuls of huge ripe lemons and, suddenly curious, I pulled the skin off one and put a section in my mouth.  I had anticipated it to be sour, but it was as sweet as if it had been drizzled with honey.

figs-751_640I sensed my middle daughter nearby and looked up to see her tasting something, too.  I looked closer and recognized a fig in her hand.  I asked her where she got it and she pointed to the ground, then I looked up to see a fig tree laden with fruit, so I began to pick those as well.

I could sense my husband drawing near, and he was busy picking apples.  I joined him in the picking until the fruit was piling around our feet.  Then I saw dates growing on a tree.  I picked those, too, and tucked them in my pockets until they bulged with the harvest.

We gathered the fruit and I dropped to my knees to pick up more.  As I scraped at the ground, potatoes emerged from the soil, so I added those to our bounty.

Pockets bulging and arms full, I walked to my mother’s house.  I began to empty my pockets so that I could share with her.  She noticed the enormous potatoes and asked if I had three of them.  I dusted the dirt off them and was about to advise her that I just had the two, when I dipped my hand back into my pocket and drew out another, then another, then another.

When I began to unload the apples, it was as if they too had multiplied.  I produced row after row of apples in all shades of red and gold.  I extracted more sugary dates from my pockets and added them to the abundance.

When I returned home, all was well–but there was a guest who needed a place to sleep.  I looked around for where we could put her during her stay, and a room emerged–fully decorated and inviting–to house her.

The entire dream seemed to consist of there being a need…and it being immediately and thoughtfully provided for.

May 2015 be so generous.


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