All Hallow’s Read (and free books)


There are simply not enough book giving holidays.  There, I said it.  I am perfectly aware that you can give books for Christmas, and perhaps a romantic tome for Valentine’s Day.  A book for a birthday is always welcome.  Personally, I have never received a book for St. Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving, or even President’s Day (although I would welcome a book for any holiday.)  Perhaps this is why I was so pleased when Neil Gaiman opined that Halloween should be christened All Hallow’s Read.  Along with candies, trick-or-treaters should be plied with books, lots of books, free books!  What’s not to like?  And, in keeping with the holiday, it is even better if the books are creepy, spooky, or down right scary.

reflection_all_hallows_read_poster_by_blablover5-d7xwiqjSince not everyone can make it to my house for me to personally hand them a free book for Halloween (and, frankly, I have some trick-or-treating of my own to do, too), I thought it would be more expedient if I simply offered “The Collector” for free download from October 29th – 31st. 

“The Collector” is creepy, in that Southern Gothic kind of way, and it is the perfect length to read while waiting for the next round of trick-or-treaters to descend on your house demanding sweets.

Reading is a good way to get away from the stress of the season.  Like most holidays, I ache for it, I look forward to it, and then…I freak out because it snuck up on me.  Of my three children, only one is currently certain of what they want to dress up as for Halloween.  One child is still undecided.  The other one is still deciding whether Halloween or the local football game will win out this year.

graveyard_all_hallows_read_by_blablover5-d7xwj4bI am planning a little reward for getting through Halloween without turning into a witch myself.  Once the kids have all succumbed to their sugar coma, I am going to download the next Outlander book on my To Be Read List (An Echo in the Bone), make a hot mug of tea with a generous splash of Laphroaig (…unless it is a particularly trying evening, then I might skip the tea and stick with just a mug of Laphroaig), and raid the kids’ Halloween stash (I consider this to be my fee for their last-minute costume drama, for walking them around the neighborhood, and for picking up enough candy wrappers to wallpaper our living room).

Sigh.  Wish me luck.


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