Literary Obsessions and Book Crushes (e.g. “Outlander”)

I have barely raised my nose out of my Kindle the past couple of months.  I have been reading A LOT.  Maybe it is the fact that (as of tomorrow) Autumn is here!  Fall brings changing leaves, warmer clothes, more baking, and much, much more reading.  Or maybe it is that I finally stumbled across some books that have made me WANT to lose entire days to the written word. Either way, I am book poor and suffering from a severe book hang-over.

There will be no more Kindle downloads until payday (Oh, God!  Can I possible wait another three days?!), and then it will start all over again.

It began with Liliana Hart.  I downloaded a freebie, and that lead me to her J. J. Graves series. I developed a bit of book crush on Detective Jack Lawson (although I thoroughly deny the accusation that I am a badge bunny).

One I had worked my way through THAT series, the Starz ads proclaiming that “The Kilt Drops” started showing up in my Twitter feed.  Like this:


Since I am all about dropping kilts (*sigh* I love me the Scots men!), I promptly added the show to my DVR, and that is how I got hooked on the Outlander books.  After just one episode, I knew I had found my next book series to read.  I downloaded the first two books, because, well, it was payday, and I wanted to get them before I spent the money (because I am practical like that).  Then I ended up getting stuck at home (first with a sick child, then with a sick me). Hence, the binge-reading.

I made it through the first three books before my bank account protested, so I am stuck in literary limbo for a few more days.  I have resorted to rereading the first book (even though I only read it last week), because, well, James Alexander Malcolm McKenzie Fraser.  Enough said.

There is something to be said for a book crush.  Especially when the character is as wonderfully imperfect as the people who inhabit your “real world.”  Jamie is funny, passionate, (usually) honorable, and (usually) honest, and compassionate.  (And och! that voice!)  But he gets scared, and he withholds things, and he breaks my heart….  But he is wonderful to read.  And the characters is so well written that I can hear him as I read the words.  (Did I mention that voice?!)

Outlander S01E01 Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser 2 TAR
I prefer my Jamie a little rough around the edges.

And I can honestly say that I had never used the highlight function on my Kindle until I read the Outlander books.  Certain turns of phrase, or emotions, or ideas are set forth with heartrending precision.

So, as with any obsession, I count the days until payday–another payday, another download–and I thank God that Diana Gabaldon writes epic tomes that, if read like a sane person, should last me more than a day or two.


4 thoughts on “Literary Obsessions and Book Crushes (e.g. “Outlander”)

  1. I am a HUGE Outlander fan! (Actually, having gone to an author talk to see Diana Gabaldon and seen other fans, I should probably temper that statement a bit – I’m not rabid like some.)

    I absolutely *love* all the characters and the complexity and the… humanity… of them all. I think it’s telling when you can love someone like Jamie even though you hate some of the stuff he does and disagree with him regularly.

    I also love her writing style. Her vocabulary and sentence structures are actually fairly complex. And all the historical, medical, religious, engineering details? She does such solid research that I often find myself engaging in discussions about, say, Presbyterians (you probably haven’t gotten that far yet) before I realize that my supporting “facts” come from… a novel. lol

    Unfortunately, I don’t have Starz (actually don’t have any cable at all) so I have to depend on a very busy friend to invite me over to watch. As a result, I’m now two episodes behind. She’s not going to fail me – I’ll get to see them all. I just have to be patient. 😉

    BTW, Jamie’s not my favorite character. If I had to pick one, I’d probably pick Roger Wakefield/McKenzie… or maybe Lord John Grey.


  2. I have only really JUST gotten introduced to Roger Wakefield/McKenzie, but I like him well enough so far. I also am pretty intrigued by Lord John Grey. Definitely sympathetic toward him so far, and glad that he cares for Jamie (lest we had lost poor Jamie!). I love the intricacy of the weaving of the various story lines! And I, too, love the details!


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