A Trilogy of Mondays

Monday was particularly Mondayish.  Monday was the day that I found out that my book was pirated.  After a hectic lunch hour of preparing a DMCA compliance letter, and lots of stress, the button offering a free download of my copyrighted work was removed from the offending website.

Tuesday resulted in a bit of a Twitter-war with the offending website.  A search of their Twitter feed showed that nearly every tweet from them was an apology to a writer or a publisher, along with a recommendation that the (justifiably) angry individual click the “report copyright violation” button and report the it.  The offending website claimed that (even though there is a big “DOWNLOAD” button and even though the search result clearing proclaims that the downloads are free) the download button does not actually download free content. 

Today has offered a continuation of the Twitter-war, and also a sick child.  My eldest woke up with her ear swollen shut and painful.  I suspect swimmer’s ear, but she has a doctor appointment to confirm.  Since I had to arrange for doctor-stuff, I was late to work, which means that I have to take a short lunch hour, which means my writing time gets cut in half.  It also means more doctor bills and prescriptions in my world…a world which is currently overrun by medical costs.   

Fortunately, I have a lot of blessings to help even out this trilogy of Mondays.  Faith, family, friends…these are the things that sustain me.  It’s a good thing trouble is not the only thing that seems to come in threes. 



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