The Quiet Grace of a Forced Reprieve

Last year was The Summer of the Move.  The first part of the year seemed to be shaping up into The Year of the Medical Maladies.  However, (knock on wood) things seem to be settling down a bit, so I am hopeful that the remaining part of the year will be known as The Year I Finished My Novel.

Where I sit and write…or at least think about writing.

While recovering from surgery, I wrote.  A lot.  That is the good thing about writing, even if you are unable to move around much–as long as you brain is fairly clear and your fingers function–you can work on stories.  Depending on the amount of pain medication the doctor prescribed, there may be a bit more revising that normally required, but at least you can work toward your word count.

The novelization of The Collector is progressing.  I hate to speculate on an estimated draft date, because every time I do that Life explodes all over my meticulously crafted spreadsheet and then days pass without pen being put to page.  No, it seems that I do better when I try not to tempt fate.  When I write quietly, sneaking in words when no one is looking, that is when I make real progress.

If you notice my relative quiet on Facebook and Twitter, it is because I am adding words towards my story rather than into the ether.  If days, or a week, or even two (ahem) pass without a blog post, it is because a plot point has suddenly become clear, or a character needs my attention.

I go to sleep thinking about the story, and I wake up with snippets of dialogue in my head.  I drive to work plotting out scenes, and I spend my lunch typing them out.  It is a comfortable kind of routine, and it is yielding progress.

However, truth be told, I am grateful for the forced reprieve of the past few weeks.  I am blessed with amazing friends, a good surgeon, and a family that repeatedly humbles me with their love and dedication.  My husband and kids have taken such good care of me, and my mom and dad have surrounded me with love and prayers.  Yes, I am definitely blessed.

Nothing like a cancer scare to make you reassess and prioritize things.


6 thoughts on “The Quiet Grace of a Forced Reprieve

  1. I feel your anxiety…mother-in-law has breast cancer…father-in-law just had cancer surgery…and I have been struggling with back pain no doctor can determine the cause. Still…God is God, and I am not, and I know He’s still moving the chess pieces. Glad you are enjoying your respite. Write on!


  2. Fortunately, God plays chess better than I ever could. Left to my own devices, the game would have been long over. I hope you get some answers soon, and that the answers provide relief and comfort. In the meantime, you have an amazing sounding WIP. Type faster! The world is waiting.


  3. I pray the cancer scare turned into nothing to worry about. And a great family to turn to is the greatest blessing ever. I actually blogged today about that blessing 🙂 and I hope the book comes together like the story did. I’m excited about what comes next 🙂


    • Thank you! Prayers are always appreciated. The past few weeks have reminded me of my blessings for sure. The cancer scare turned out to be a caught-in-time precancerous condition. Still scary but could have been so much worse. Thanks be to God!

      I’m glad you liked the story. I am really excited about how the novel is coming along. Fingers crossed!


      • My mom continually has lumps in her breasts. It always turns out to be calcium but there have been several very scary times including surgery. I thank God every day I still have her because I don’t know what I would do without her. I’m so thankful you are well.


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