Birthing a Novel

I am both pleased and humbled that my short story “The Collector,” has been well received.  And I am even more humbled that readers seem to want to read more about Junie Rae.  To be honest, I always wanted to write more about her…and about Granny Enid.  I wanted to tell more about what actually happened to Junie’s mother, about other people that helped Junie, and about those who wanted to exploit her and her abilities.

At first, I thought I would write some more short stories and offer a collection.  And I did write more short stories, and I will offer the collection very soon.  Only…the short stories weren’t about Junie, or about Granny, or even about Crankston’s Landing.  They were about other dark, twisty things.

Don’t get me wrong…I did write a lot more about Junie Rae.  But I realized that Junie really, really needed a novel of her own.  My readers seemed to think so, too.  So a novel is what Junie shall have.

The cover for the short story all of its glory!
The cover for the short story collection…it all of its glory!

Since I am not one to waste words, the collection of assorted short stories will be offered very soon, and it WILL include a slightly revised version of “The Collector” short story that is available on Amazon.  The version in the collection represents the beginning of the novelization of Junie.  The initial setup is trimmed down just a bit to get the reader into the action sooner, and several key scenes are fleshed out a bit more.  The collection also contains “Counting Crows,” as well as many shorter works.

For those of you who are clamoring for more Junie Rae, her novel will start out with the revised short story, and her story will continue from there.  You will get to find out what happened to Junie’s mother, why Junie was sent to Granny Enid, and how she is going to deal with her abilities and those who want to use them for their own, selfish purposes.  So, to all the readers and commenters who asked for MORE…you shall have it!  I am finishing the first draft now, and the summer will be spent editing.

When the leaves begin to turn and the air turns brisk, I want a cup of hot tea, a flickering fire, and a pile of book!   This autumn, you’ll be able to add the Junie Rae novel to your pile.  (Yes, it will be available as a paperback as well as on Kindle.)


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