Size Matters

Now THAT'S a big book!
Now THAT’S a big book!


“No tea cup is big enough nor book long enough for me to be satisfied.”
C.S. Lewis

Some people love short stories. For others, the longer the tome the better. So what about you? Do you like short stories? Grand epic tales? Novels or novelettes?


4 thoughts on “Size Matters

  1. I usually enjoy long epic tales. I’m a big fan of Diana Gabaldon’s massive Outlander books and The Wheel of Time fantasy series. I get so wrapped up in the worlds that authors create and I don’t want to leave. I’ve been known to actually start a long series over again right after finishing because “I want to remember what they were like when they were young.”

    That said, I recently read the Dangerous Women anthology edited by George R.R. Martin. Reading that helped me discover the wonder that is available in a good short story. It also helped me discern what makes a short story good and what makes one… pointless. It’s definitely an art to write something short. (As I have confirmed, reading through the myriad 50-word stories getting published this week!)


  2. I really wanted to vote for all three. 🙂 I just love books. Size doesn’t matter (although I normally want more of the story no matter what I’m reading.) and if we’re talking about books, I definitely prefer actual books over electronic books, and they have to feel right. There are some books that I didn’t read based solely on the fact that I didn’t like the way they felt in my hands. 🙂


    • For me, I like paper books for the stories by beloved authors whose tales have become a part of me. I have to be able to hold the book and snuggle up with it as I read and re-read it. For stories by writers I’m not familiar with, I am fine with e-books. I have been known to buy an e-book when I finish the first book in a series and I can’t wait until a bookstore opens to get the next book…but I never feel right about it until I get the paper copy to finish out the set.


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