Making Sense of Chaos

There is a lot going on over in my corner of the world.  I have been working on the follow up to my short story THE COLLECTOR (so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, now is the perfect time!).  The story follows Junie Rae as she learns more about what she can do and figures out that people want to put her abilities to their own twisted use.  If you like Southern Gothic, or horror, or creepy child protagonists, or small Oklahoma towns…this might be right up your alley.  (At a mere 99 cents, it couldn’t hurt to check it out!)

I received my copy of Spark: A Creative Anthology in the mail this week.  There are a lot of amazing authors in there, and somehow I snuck in there, too, and in Vol. IV you can read my story “A Sort of Homecoming.”   It is definitely an honor to be among the writers included.  You can get your own copy of Spark here.  It will look a lot like this, but without the cute, enthusiastic children:


My short story “A Call for Courage” is up over at Page & Spine.  It is a quiet little story that makes me both weepy and proud.  If you have a minute (or if you just don’t feel like doing actual “work,” since it is Friday and all) go over and check it out here. 

A dear friend (A. K. Francis) and I have also decided to stop talking about putting together a literary journal and to start actually doing it.  So there is that.  The journal is called Drunken Muse Press.  The site is still under construction, but we will be publishing poems and prose (including short stories, essays, or whatever else you can cram under that category).  Works should be under 5k words (but if it is amazing, we are flexible).  We will have weekly online postings, plus one print anthology per year (hopefully going quarterly, if all goes well).  I will let you know more once we get a few more things in place.

Also, if you aren’t familiar with A. K. Francis–you will really want to remedy that.  Her work is dark, and twisty, and creepy.  It is the kind of stuff that torments your brain when you try to go to sleep at night.  Her latest short story, Midway, is available at Amazon.  Fortunately, she has agreed to allow me to interview her here, so you will get a chance to see how amazing she is for yourself soon.

Whew.  Other than that, I have been dealing with sick kids, sick husband, snow and ice, crazy cold weather, a firewood shortage, and your general not-enough-hours-in-the-day.  So, you know, it is the perfect time to decide to start a literary journal.  Wish me luck!


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