It Comes When it Comes…

As the sun set on my 40th year…the best was yet to come!

For some reason, I anticipated that my 40th year would be “The Year of Change.”  I was certain that it would be Monumental!  It was more Meh.  Don’t get me wrong.  It was a perfectly fine year.  It is just that, well, nothing in particular stood out.  So, I soldiered on.  Because, really, what else can you do?

Then, right around the time of my 41st birthday, life went into high gear.  A day or two before my birthday, I threw caution to the wind and made my short story “The Collector” available on Amazon.

Then, a few days after my birthday, we sold our house.  A week after that, we signed a contract on a wonderful new house.  A few weeks later, school started and the kids were getting back to the grind.  I, however, was busy packing.  Then, the week after school started, we moved!

We have been busy unpacking, trying to find things, and trying to find the “new normal” that comes with any big transition.

In this whirlwind of activity, I didn’t have time to write any new stories, or submit any more stories.  However, there were still submissions lingering out there.  Waiting.  Biding their time.  I received a few rejections during this period of drama, but I hardly had time to even read them let alone obsess over them.

About the time we were finally settling into the new house, I was skimming over an email that I received from Spark: A Creative Anthology, and I was about to move it over to my “Rejections” folder when I realized that was actually an ACCEPTANCE!

New publications, new house, new outlook, and a new website…my 41st year will definitely go down in the annuals as My Year of Change.

It turns out, sometimes change comes when it comes–not necessarily when you are expecting it.  It turns out that events that we think will be huge milestones may be no more than a blip on the map, and what we thought would be ho-hum actually turns out to be HOLY SMOKES!

Maybe it has something to do with having faith, or believing in myself, or daring to take a chance.  Whatever it is, I am grateful.

So, here’s to change…and all the messy, scary, wonderful drama that goes with it!


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